Improving e-commerce purchase experience

I joined Sam's Club design team in 2016. It is an independent business within the Walmart hub which is membership based. With it's primary use case being selling variety of bulk grocery items, electronics and home goods, one of the primary ongoing initiatives is to make doing that simple and easy to accomplish online.

In comparison to the likes of Amazon, Sam's Club allows for multiple fulfillment channels for an item. This means an item can be picked up in the store and shipped to home. This flexibility comes with a whole set of complex use cases and problems to solve.


Responsible for:


Bundles on Sam's Club
Bundle items can be user-configurable or pre-configured. This project solves for simplifying these experiences.

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Designing for e-commerce has taught me to solve for complex systems and intersecting use-cases.

Cart, Checkout and Order Confirmation
A 10-month long initiative to re-design these pages as a part of Sam's Club Pangea migration. Teamed up with senior designers to explore the clean visual language while incorporating specific business use cases.

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Promotions on Sam's
Led the designs to showcase multiple promotions on a single item throughout the purchase journey

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This involves contributing to the continuous evolution of Sam's Club's pattern library.

Team structure

Key things I learned

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