Learning how to tread water is an important basic swimming technique the novice must master to gain water confidence. It consists of moving your limbs to keep your head above water and your body afloat in a vertical position.

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Quick Rewind:

  1. In shallow water, sweep arms back and forth keeping wrists stiff: Sculling.

  2. Grab the wall and start kicking with your legs moving vertically.

  3. Try different forms of kicking and try moving away from the wall.

There is another method for treading water, "Eggbeater Kick" involving the swimmer in a "sitting position". The back is straight and knees bent so that the thighs are parallel to the surface of the water, and lower legs perpendicular to the surface.

It is a preferred method used by lifeguards because it does not occupy the hands.Professionals often have to perform first aid using their hands as they are swimming to safety.

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